Directed by Jonas Dahlbeck and Boris Nawratil, Lost liner Productions brought life to some 60+ mischievous cookies that play around in the cookie factory after closing time, coming up with their new receipt. Cookies making cookies? Well it all looks rather tasty and guaranteed to give you a sweet tooth.

Project Details

Production year: 2012

Client: Göteborgs Kex

Agency: Åkestam Holts

Production Company: Lostliner

Sound design and mix: Red Pipe

Number of shots: 12

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Project Credits

Göteborgs Kex

Marketing Director: Camilla Everberg

Åkestam Holts

Agency Producer: Leila El-Zein

Account Director: Kjell Månsson

Account Manager: Jessica Söder

Art Director: Yvan Archimbaud

Copywriter: Adina Asplund

Red Pipe

Project Manager: Beatrice Längberg

Sound Designer: Kim Creutzer


Director: Boris Nawratil , Jonas Dahlbeck, Jessica Lauren

Producer: Niklas Gunnarsson

Design: Boris Nawratil, Jonas Dahlbeck

VFX Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren

TD: Oskar Wahlberg

Coordinator: Erika Reilly

Lead Modeling: Boris Nawratil

Modeling: Oskar Wahlberg, Lucas Pettersson, Hannes Nordin

Texturing: Oskar Wahlberg, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson, Tom Studt

Shading: Ulf Lundgren, Oskar Wahlberg, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson, Tom Studt

Rigging: Hannes Nordin

Animation: Jonas Dahlbeck, Hannes Nordin

Simulation: Björn Lundgren

Software developement: Björn Lundgren

Lighting: Ulf Lundgren, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson

Comp: Ulf Lundgren