Insane is an independent thriller movie from Anders Jacobsson, the man behind the cult film Evil Ed.

Insane is homage to the classic movie Psycho, and had its world premier in October 2010; initially on Voddler and then as a direct-to-DVD release. Lost Liner were contacted when the production company Action Film needed an epic and dramatic final scene for the film.

- The underwater scene with seaweed, fish, light beams and such are completely computer generated. The challenge was to create a final scene that haunted the viewer and made them want more. It’s naturally the end of the film that determines the attitude the public takes home with them from the cinema.

Project Details

Director: Anders Jacobsson

Production Company: Action Film

Post Production Company: Lost Liner

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Project Credits

Lost Liner Productions

VXF Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren

3D: Martin Törnestedt, Hendrik Eklundh

Water and effects: Björn Lundgren

Comp: Martin Törnestedt, Hendrik Eklundh