Telia Filmmachine

Based on Johan Kaltofts original telia machine, Lost Liner Productions helped DDB create two seperate machines – one for showing movies and one for major sport events.

Starting with the premise that the machine should be working if built in real life, Lost Liner Productions then turned to the Meccano dreams of their childhoods to construct this Rube Goldberg-esque contraption. The machine – exclusively expression driven – uses an elaborate system of gears, Malthusian crosses and rubber bands, powered by the single little engine in the lower left corner, to perform all of its actions.

A true geek experience with a final result that is both intricate and minimalistic.

Project Details

Production year: 2011

Client: Telia

Agency: DDB

Production Company: DDB Film

Postproduction Company: Lost Liner Productions

Versions: 2

Number of shots: 2

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Project Credits

DDB Film

Executive producer: Stefan Falk

Producer: Joakim Kromnér

Project manager: Catharina Söderblom

Coordinator: Jesper Ander

Copywriter: Linus Östholm

AD: Fredrik Lund

Lost Liner Productions

Vfx Producer: Niklas Gunnarsson

Vfx Coordinator: Erika Reilly

Vfx Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren

Design: Pär Andersson

Modelling: Pär Andersson

Texturing: Pär Andersson

Animation: Jan Zakolski

Simulation: Jan Zakolski

TD: Jan Zakolski

Shading: Damir Filipovic

Lighting: Ulf Lundgren, Andres Rignell

Rendering: Damir Filipovic

Comp: Damir Filipovic