Disney Platformer

With a great homage to old school Nintendo platform games, childhood Lego animation as well as modern voxel based games like Minecraft, our tiny hero sets off on an epic adventure to try to overcome his fear of heights.

And if breathtaking mountains and steep cliffs weren’t enough, an evil, vegetable throwing carrot turns up to block our heroes path. To create the beautiful, happy, cartoony look of our hero and villain, character designer Jonas Dahlbeck went through a small army of sketches before finding the two final designs that were then realised by modelers Pär Andersson and Stefan Berglund.

To manage director Ulf Lundgrens vision, Lost Liner Produtions developed their own in house tools, “lost voxels” for creating, animating and rendering all the thousands of little cubes generating the world and our characters.

Project Details

Production year: 2011

Client: Disney Channel

Director: Mikeadelica

Production Company: Flattire

Postproduction Company: Lost Liner Productions

Number of shots: 13

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Project Credits

Flat Tire

Director: Mikeadelica

Producer: Jacob Mohlin

Music and Sound: Linus Söderlund

Script: Alexander Kantsjö, Ulf Lundgren, Niklas Gunnarsson

Lost Liner Productions

Animation director: Ulf Lundgren

Producer: Niklas Gunnarsson

Coordinator: Erika Reilly

Character design: Jonas Dahlbeck

Level design: Stefan Berglund, Marcus Ottosson

Animatic: Marcus Ottosson, Martin Öhgren

Modelling: Pär Andersson, Stefan Berglund

Rigging: Marcus Ottosson

Animation: Marcus Ottosson

Lighting: , Ulf Lundren, Martin Törnestedt

R&D: Björn Lundgren

Comp: Martin Törnestedt, Ulf Lundren, Jan Zakolski