When they needed to produce an advertising film for FedEx, Lost Liner Productions were contracted by Framestore NY, who knew of Ulf Lundgren and Lost Liner Productions special ability for designing and creating characters.

The film is all about a company that instead of using FedEx, insists on using carrier pigeons of all types and sizes to take care of their mail. All the pigeons were designed and modulated by Lost Liner Productions, while Framestore produced the animation.

- The film contains close-ups of the pigeons, which placed high demands on the detail work for e.g. feather texture and claws. We had to do a whole lot of research to find out exactly how pigeon claws appear. We created six different pigeons for the film, which was shown on American TV.

Project Details

Client: Framestore NY

Supervisor: David Hulin

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Project Credits

Modeling/texturing/detailing: Ulf Lundgren