Disney Biker

The Team at Flat Tire approached us with a great concept of three friends playing on a sunny summer day, all having to overcome their own fears.

To enhance the experience they wanted the kids battle side of the film to take place in a game inspired fantasy world. We jumped at the opportunity and created this wonderful and vibrant world of low-poly games that comes alive in the golden morning light.

Creating a full minute of animation with the clear idea that the world should be rich in details. We are happy and proud of the end result.

Project Details

Production year: 2011

Client: Disney Channel

Director: Mikeadelica

Production company: Flat Tire

Post production company: Lost Liner Productions

Number of shots: 21

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Project Credits

Flat Tire

Live Action Director: Mikeadelica

Live Action Producer: Jacob Mohlin

Music and Sound: Linus Söderlund

Script: Alexander Kantsjö, Lost Liner

Lost Liner Productions

Animation director: Ulf Lundgren

Producer: Niklas Gunnarsson

Coordinator: Erika Reilly

Design: Boris Nawratil, Jonas Dahlbeck, Stefan Berglund

Modelling: Pär Andersson, Stefan Berglund, Martin Öhgren

Animation: Hannes Nordin, Marcus Ottosson, Bahadir Tosun

Rigging: Hannes Nordin, Marcus Ottosson

TD: Damir Filipovic, Lucas Pettersson, Oskar Wahlberg

Lighting: Ulf Lundgren, Damir Filipovic

Comp: Ulf Lundgren, Damir Filipovic, Jan Zakolski

3D DoP: Andres Rignell