OLW Italian Cheese

CG Food is always a great challenge.

For this little full CG spot we created whole bunch of super high rez oven baked chips and parmasan cheese, a tablecloth and potatoes, as well as all the crisp bags.

Project Details

Production year: 2012

Client: OLW

Agency: Åkestam Holts

Production Company: Lostliner

Sound design and mix: Flickorna Larsson

Number of shots: 2

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Project Credits

Director: Ulf Lundgren

Producer: Niklas Gunnarsson

Modelling: Oskar Wahlberg, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson

Texturing: Oskar Wahlberg, Ulf Lundgren, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson

Rigging: Hannes Nordin

Animation: Hannes Nordin

TD: Oskar Wahlberg, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson

Lighting: Ulf Lundgren

Comp: Ulf Lundgren, Lucas Pettersson, Martin Öhgren