Zone 261

In order to realize Fredrik Hiller’s vision of a future Landskrona in quarantine, Lost Liner designed and produced 40 special effects for the 5 minute long pilot.

Using a wide range of effects including everything from helicopters over a deserted Landskrona to empty bullet casings, not to mention a whole bunch of zombies. The film is currently in the financing phase.

Project Details

Director: Fredrik Hiller

Director of Photography: Andres Rignell

Producer: Thabo Malmén

Trailer site:

Number of shots: 40

Post production company: Lost Liner Productions

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Project Credits

Lost Liner Productions

Visual FX Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren

Technical Director: Björn Lundgren

Design: Boris Nawratil

3D: Martin Törnestedt, Lucas Pettersson

Comp: Martin Törnestedt, Lucas Pettersson, Ditte Lundgren