Emilia de Poret – Now or Never

Emilia de Poret is a Swedish singer/songwriter who, as well as achieving a triple platinum record in Sweden in 2008, has gained much international success, primarily in Spain and Australia.

The video was made to promote her new song “Now or never”. In the video, Emilia appears as a robot that comes to life and awakens the world with its song. The first minute of the video, with the exception of the close up of Emilia’s face, is entirely computer generated by Lost Liner; who were also responsible for the cinematography and design, together with Boris Nawratil.

- The actual “look” of the video is a mixture of 70′s movies, the film Tron and a dark, decaying futuristic world. Designing the robot and conveying a story in only 1 minute was an exciting project; telling a story in pictures and music during such a short time is one the great challenges when making music videos.

The video has been televised in Australia and Spain.

Project Details

Production year: 2009

Client: Aristotracks

Director: Marcus Lundin

Production Company: Untitled Brand AB

Post Production Company: Lost Liner

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Project Credits

Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren

3D: Martin Törnestedt, Hendrik Eklundh

Animation: Bahadir Tosun

Particles and effects: Björn Lundgren

Comp: Hendrik Eklundh, Martin Törnestedt