TRE Chicken

For a “half price until Easter” winter deal for telecom provider Tre Lost liner helped agency Storåker McCann to create a bunch of cute, up to no good, chickens in four different mischievous films.

All films were set to take place in the filmic world we already developed for the client. In order to deal with wind and 9 different fluffy chickens colliding together at the same time we had to add extensively to our inhouse fur and grooming tools. This made it possible for us to groom all individual chickens smoothly and effectively as well as making the most of our new Arnold render farm.

With the artistic flare of animator Johan Sonnerstedt and the wonderful lighting by Ulf Lundgren we created films that still makes us giggle.

Project Details

Production year: 2011

Client: Storåkers

Agency: Colony

Production Company: Lost Liner Productions

Films: 4

Number of shots: 24

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Project Credits


Project manager: Annika Olsson

Copywriter: Björn Carlberg

Art Director: Henric Almquist


Agency producer: Jenny Sernholt

Sound design and mix: Quint Starkie

Lost Liner Productions

Director: Ulf Lundgren

Creative producer: Niklas Gunnarsson

Coordinator: Erika Reilly

Design: Pär Andersson

Modelling: Pär Andersson, Peter Jansson

Rigging: Hannes Nordin

Animation: Johan Sonestedt, Hannes Nordin

TD: Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson, Jan Zakolski

RnD: Björn Lundgren

Comp: Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson, Jan Zakolski