Net 1

Net 1 is a mobile broadband operator in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

Net 1 currently has a 90% coverage of the Swedish mainland. In addition, the network has up to 120 km coverage from the coast out to sea, and currently provides high quality broadband communication and telephony to groups that previously hade either poor, or non-existent, service. Lost Liner Productions were invited to create special effects for three ad-films for TV, using the theme of best coverage in Scandinavia, wherever you are.

Users that do not have coverage are symbolized by a “bullet-time effect”, where the characters in the film “freeze”. The special effect is created by Lost Liner and includes leaves hanging in the air and stationary water being drunk. Lost Liner have also created the closing sequence where a digital boom shot pans from the ground to outer space.

- Thanks to good preparation we could help Emil Möller find interesting solutions for picture and special effects in order make the concept feel new and original. The challenge was to do something that looked exciting without diverting the viewers’ attention too much.

Project Details

Agency: Masscreation

Production Company: FLX

Post Production: VFX consulting, Lost Liner productions, Stopp

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Project Credits


Director: Emil Möller

Producer: Jens Odelbring

VFX consulting

Comp: Quentin Olszewski

Lost Liner Productions

CG Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren

Fluids and simulations: Björn Lundgren

3D and matte painting: Lucas Pettersson