Kommissarie Späck

“Kommissarie Späck” is a Swedish spoof movie, parodying the endless stream of Swedish crime films. Director Fredde Granberg had a rather vivid visual style that called for a lot of effects and stunts.

Working with a team of six, Lost liner created everything from the intro robot film to digital stunts, computer systems, digital gunfire, blood, gore, explosions and just about everything else you could want for the true popcorn experience.

Project Details

Client: Happy Fiction

Director: Fredde Granberg

Number of shots: 127

Post production company: Lost LIner

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Project Credits

Lost Liner Producions

Visual FX Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren

Technical Director: Björn Lundgren

Animation Director: Jonas Dahlbeck

Compositor: Ditte Lundgren

3D Generalist/comp: Lucas Pettersson, Martin Törnstedt