Disney Footballer

The second film created in the collaboration with Flat Tire has a strong influence in Tron Legacy.

Adding gigantic robots and our heroine playing soccer made this a fun script to work on. Forcing our female hero to face a goalkeeping, hard hitting and cheating robot to overcome her fears for balls was a wonderful experience.

The design by Boris Nawratil pushed the whole film and added logic to the robot and his smaller minions. To give the film that live action touch we worked with DoP Andres Rignell on a early stage to plan all camera moves.

Project Details

Production year: 2011

Client: Disney Channel

Director: Mikeadelica

Production Company: Flattire

Postproduction Company: Lost Liner Productions

Number of shots: 25

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Project Credits

Flat Tire

Director: Mikeadelica

Producer: Jacob Mohlin

Music and Sound: Linus Söderlund

Script: Alexander Kantsjö, Ulf Lundgren, Niklas Gunnarsson

Lost Liner Productions

Animation director: Ulf Lundgren

Producer: Niklas Gunnarsson

Coordinator: Erika Reilly

Design: Boris Nawratil

3D DoP: Andres Rignell

Modelling: Pär Andersson, Boris Nawratil, Björn Lundgren

Texturing: Pär Andersson, Caroline Eriksson

Animation: Hannes Nordin, Marcus Ottosson, Bahadir Tosun, Johan Sonestedt

Rigging: Hannes Nordin, Marcus Ottosson

TD: Damir Filipovic, Lucas Pettersson, Oskar Wahlberg, Jan Zakolski

Lighting: Ulf Lundgren

Comp: Ulf Lundgren, Martin Öhgren, Lucas Pettersson, Jan Zakolski