Chainsmoker is a short film that depicts the plight of an old woman who is struggling to come to terms with a situation where she is being treated like a child.

Her reaction is to act like one. It is a celebration to the greatness of being small and very human, but also a depiction of one person’s determination to never give up. Chainsmoker is basically a one-person project made with very limited resources, but with a lot of help from good friends.

“Chainsmoker” is all about watching people. It’s like sitting in a coffee shop, overhearing an argument or just happening to catch one of those small magical moments in life that you were the only one to see. It’s everyday drama in its most innocent form.

The film was shown at the ”Electronic theatre” at Siggraph and at the ”Official panorama” at the Annecy International Animation Film Festival.

Project Details

Production Year: 2002

Production Company: Lost Liner Productions

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Project Credits

Director: Ulf Lundgren

Actor: Joel Lundgren

Additional animation: Mia Tinglöf