Psalm 21

“The truth shall set you free.” – John 8:32.

Henrik Horneus is a beloved Stockholm priest who recently has been dreaming increasingly frightening nightmares about his dead mother.

Lost Liner Productions helped bring Fredrik Hillers haunting yet beautiful vision of demons and nightmares to life. Creating more than 75 shots of everything from mattepaintings to full 3D demons in a timespan of 7 months.

…In production quality, it looks like anything you might expect out of Hollywood, though without all the extremely tired clichés… Hiller does a fantastic job with camera angles and, when accompanied with excellent sound and music, truly succeeds in ratcheting up the tension. But the greatest success is in the potent performances.

Psalm 21 was shown at the Cannes 2010 film festival and had its premier in Sweden on 5th November 2010. The film will also be distributed in Brazil and Argentina.

Project Details

Director: Fredrik Hiller

Director of Photography: Andres Rignell

Producer: Thabo Malmén

Number of shots: 75

Trailer site:

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Project Credits

Lost Liner Productions

Visual FX Supervisor: Ulf Lundgren

Technical Director: Björn Lundgren

Design: Boris Nawratil

3D Gerneralist/Comp: Martin Törnestedt